What do Private Investigators do?

First of all forget about the stuff you see in movies and on TV.  Much of it is illegal and the issue of who pays for the damages is never dealt with.

PI’s do a lot of things depending are the area of expertise.  Given that I don’t run down too many “cheaters” or do Worker’s Compensation work, my job is to eliminate surprises.   There is an old saying for those in the legal world who deal in litigation, “Never ask a question you don’t already know the  answer to.” Attorneys don’t like surprises.  Facing litigation is like looking across a huge open field that you have to cross even though you know that explosive mines are buried all over the place.  One wrong question and BOOM, your case lies in pieces.

My job is to clear the mine field.  My job is not necessarily to get the answers or the information the client wants to hear.  Its great if I do find favorable tidbits of information, but sometimes only the unfavorable ones are out there.  One way or the other I find out what is lurking out there in the field and let my client know so that he or she can deal with it.  Good news or bad news, it doesn’t really matter.  An attorney can deal with it as long as it doesn’t come as a surprise.

They don’t want to step on mines planted in the field of litigation.

I clear the mines.


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