8 Facts to Try to Gather Before You Start a Search for Someone

Before starting a search for someone or hiring someone to conduct the search, you should try to collect as much information about the subject of your search as you can.  Below is list of 8 facts that really help find the subject of your search.  You don’t need all 8, but the more you have at the start of your search, the greater the likelihood of success.

1.  Correct Spelling of the subject’s Name

You won’t believe how much this helps and how often people don’t have it.

2.  A Middle Name or Middle Initial

This can really help narrow your search.

3.  Date of Birth (DOB)

This again can go a long way toward narrowing your search to the person you are looking for.  Just knowing the year of birth is helpful in because many sites will include an age range for possible matches.  The Sacramento County Case Index allows you to search criminal records using the subject’s name and DOB.  This really narrows things for the person doing the search.  Yolo County requires a DOB to run a criminal case file search.

4.  Social Security Number

Although this can be tough to come by, it really helps with the expensive national data base searches.  Having a SSN is kind of like finding fingerprints on the murder weapon.

5.  Last Know Address

Having the last know address or any address known to have been good is a huge aid in finding someone.  Even if it is just a city or town, as long as you know it was good once upon a time it can be of help.

6.  The Subject’s Profession

When running a search it can be of great help to include the subject’s profession or the name of the company they were known to work for.

7.  Hobbies or Other Interests

Much like a subject’s profession, adding a known hobby or interest to your search queries can lead to the right person.

8.  Other Related Parties

The name of the subject’s spouse, parents or children can help you sift through court files, residence records and in come cases you will find who you are looking for by checking the social media sites maintained by people associated with your subject.


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  1. Scary what you can easily find out with any degree of diligence…

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