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Your copier and scanner holds all your secrets!

Copiers are full of secrets.

Did you know that modern copiers have a hard drive that digitally retains every (or nearly every) document copied on that machine and the vast majority of those machines are without any mechanism to erase or encrypt the data.  As a result when you sell or trade in a copier you are probably sending all kinds of private information that identity thieves can then get their hands on.

In addition, lawyers conducting discovery should be aware that an individual’s copier or a company’s copier may be a source of information relevant to an on going law suit.

One law firm I spoke with purchased what was represented as brand new copier and its hard drive was full of documents from and accounting firm.

For a brief primer check out this video from CBS News that aired in 2010.

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That’s Amazing!

(The following has nothing to due with searches or being a PI.  It simply a way of marking the passing of someone who really seemed to love to what he was doing.)

We just lost a good guy.

Today it was learned that Huell Howser died at the age of 67.  Huell hosted a couple PBS series that showed interesting parts of California and at first blush his folksy style left me wondering if he was genuine or not.  It didn’t take long to reach the conclusion that he catch phrase “That’s amazing!” was not an act.

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