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Another hearing in the Leila Fowler case.

We were back in court today for a procedural hearing regarding a future trial date in the Leila Fowler murder case.  The defense attorneys, Steve Plesser and Mark Reichel explain the status of the case in this clip from KCRA TV in Sacramento.

Much of the physical evidence has yet to be processed in this case and we have received almost nothing from the work conducted by the F.B.I.  Included in that work is the sketch of a suspect seen near the Fowler’s home on the morning of the murder. 

Things just don’t move as quickly as they do in a 60 minute TV show. 


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It was too early to tell

Based on an article in today’s Calaveras Enterprise regarding the homicide on West Point, CA, the Sheriff is looking for Gary F. McMahan. McMahan is described at being 6’3″, 220 lbs. The photos of McMahan that accompany the article show him as a white male with short hair, long to longish sideburns and a goatee. The deceased was identified as Norman Gresham III. It does appears that Gresham has some ties to Valley Springs.

The identity of the 37 year old woman who was “seriously injured” was not included in the article.

Here is a link to the Calaveras Enterprise article.

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Too early to tell, but…

Two bloody bodies were found in a home in West Point, CA in the last 24 hours not too far from the Leila Fowler murder.  Details are very sketchy at this point, but one of the victims appears to have survived.  Whether this is related to the Fowler case remains to be seen.

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Shrinkage (Not George Costanza Shrinkage)

I recently received a photo from an I Phone via an E-mail.  The resolution was sorely lacking and upon further investigation I found that the photo as received was 2 megapixel resolution rather than the full 8 megapixel the phone’s camera is capable of providing.

Apparently, I Phones automatically downsize the resolution of photos when you use the share function.  With the help of an IT friend, I found the following solution at

“Even though your iPhone snaps pictures at pretty decent resolutions (2048×1536 from the 3GS, 1600×1200 on previous iPhone versions), your device automatically resizes photos to a measly 800×600 when you go to email them. Here’s how to fix that.

The resized pictures may be enough under certain circumstances, but if you want your pics to make it through your email in their full glory, it’s a simple matter of copy and paste.

As weblog Geek stuff points out, the resizing only happens when you share photos from your photo library via your iPhone’s traditional Share button—which imports the resized pictures into an empty email. Instead of taking that route, either tap and hold on a single picture and then tap copy or select multiple pictures in album view and tap the Copy button at the bottom of your screen. Then head back to the home screen, fire up Mail, compose a new email, and paste the photos into the new message. Rather than the smaller, resized pictures, you’ll get the full resolution versions.”

If getting the best possible resolution is important when using photos for evidence you may wish to make use of this advice and get the full muscle your I Phone camera has to offer.

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