Next Hearing in the Leila Fowler Case

The next hearing in the Leila Fowler case will be on Tuesday June3, 2014 at the Calaveras County Court House.  This will be a procedural hearing regarding various evidence issues and the need for briefs.  However, it means that the trial date of August 12 is fast approaching.


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2 responses to “Next Hearing in the Leila Fowler Case

  1. Angel

    It looks like they caught the man described by the brother trying to harm another little girl just 45 miles away. He was an unkempt tall Hispanic man with long peppered haired just as described by the boy. Considering that this meets the unusual description of the girls killer and he was doing the same exact thing to another child within a small window sounds more plausible. I have been around some very good leading scientist and they would not go with a biased theory so quickly. Ego is often an enemy to objectiveness.

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