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New hearing to set a trial date for the Isaiah Fowler Trial.

September 22, 2014 was supposed to be the start of the Leila Fowler murder trial. Instead of a Calaveras County Superior Court Judge hearing opening statements in the case, he set October 6, 2014 as the date for a hearing to set a new trial date. Testing by defense experts of the blood and DNA samples that the prosecution held for 14 months could not be fully completed in the two months the defense had access to them.

Today’s hearing was punctuated by a confrontation between friends of the Fowler family and an individual who has repeatedly hurled accusations at the family from the safety of the internet and from positions in the crowds that appeared at the earlier hearings. He has even been confronted by Calaveras County Sheriffs regarding allegations that he had access to private documents.

To give you an some idea of what kind of person he is, his Face Book page prominently features photos of the compound fracture of the leg suffered by the University of Louisville’s Kevin Ware in the 2013 NCAA tournament. Why anyone would display the photo of this young man’s broken bone jutting out from below his knee is beyond my ability to comprehend. However, that is the mentality of man who has taken it upon himself to harass the Fowler family.

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