Fowler Trial Gets Another New Trial Date

Defense testing of DNA and blood samples lead the prosecution in the Leila Fowler murder case to further test samples in its possession.  Those tests lead to results that were provided to the defense shortly before Christmas.  The results are important enough to potentially impact the outcome of the case.  Enough so that not only has the trial been reset for May 18, 2015 to allow for complete testing, another hearing is scheduled for Friday February 20th to allow the defense to request Isaiah Fowler’s release pending trial.

The court’s rational for keeping Isaiah institutionalized for nearly two (2) years is that the evidence available at the time of his arrest failed to indicate the presence of anyone else in the house at the time of the murder.  However, physical evidence analyzed in the interim does not fully support that hypothesis.  As a result, the court is being asked to to rethink its position regarding Isaiah’s incarceration.

The news of these developments lead to a rash of comments on various social media platforms and the voices of the misinformed were loudest.  Also loudly heard from was at least one voice who refused to talk with defense investigators during the summer of 2013 and could be perceived as protecting a potential suspect.

Everyone has a right to an opinion and so too a right to express those opinions.  Having the right does not mean that you must exercise it, particularly when those opinions are based on ignorance of the facts.


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