The truth based on evidence coming out in the Leila Fowler Case.

The following is from Channel 10 KXTV’s George Warren:

SACRAMENTO – The attorneys defending the 14-year-old boy accused of savagely stabbing his younger sister to death are arguing for his release from juvenile hall pending trial because they claim new evidence suggests he’s innocent.

In a motion filed Tuesday in Calaveras County Superior Court, the Sacramento law firm of Reichel & Plesser offered a point-by-point analysis of evidence, some of it discovered just last month, they say supports the boy’s claim that an intruder killed 8-year-old Leila Fowler on the morning of April 27, 2013.

The knife

The contract pathologist from Stockton who performed the autopsy concluded Leila died from being stabbed and slashed by a knife-like weapon more than 20 times and he noted there was no indication the weapon was a serrated knife.

According to the defense bail motion, investigators discovered a small amount of Leila’s blood under the wooden handle of a serrated steak knife with a slightly bent blade found in the kitchen, which they assumed was the murder weapon.

But the defense team says the pathologist, Dr. Robert Lawrence, specifically excluded the steak knife as a possible murder weapon when it was shown to him during the autopsy.

The cleanup?

The bail motion pointed out the large amount of blood spatter, pooled blood and the number and nature of Leila’s wounds suggest the perpetrator would have been covered with blood following the attack.

But photographs of the boy, then 12, taken at the hospital shortly after the murder show no blood on his body or clothing. A close- up of his dirty bare feet suggest he had not recently bathed.

But photographs of the boy, then 12, taken at the hospital shortly after the murder show no blood on his body or clothing. A close- up of his dirty bare feet suggest he had not recently bathed.

No blood-soaked clothes were found in spite of an extensive search of the neighborhood.

The court filing also revealed that law enforcement collected all the drains and traps from sinks, showers and tubs in the Fowler’s Valley Springs home and found no evidence of Leila’s blood or cleaning products in the plumbing.

Evidence of an intruder

According to the bail motion, evidence of an intruder in the Fowler house was not made known to the defense until last month when a DNA test requested by the defense team showed male DNA on a strand of Leila’s hair found in the cleft of her buttocks.

The motion says the California Department of Justice, which conducted the test, concluded the male DNA found on Leila’s hair may come from a male relative of Barney Fowler, Leila’s father — although all male relatives who live in the house or had recently visited have been excluded.

Attorney Steven Plesser said in an interview that additional testing is underway to determine whether the DNA is from blood, saliva or semen.

On Friday, Plesser will argue for the Fowler boy’s release into the care of his stepmother’s parents in Stockton pending his trial, scheduled for May 18.

“The family wants him out,” Plesser said. “Nothing has been presented to them to prove to them that he did this crime. They don’t want him to waste any more of his youth behind bars while the prosecution’s case seems to get weaker and weaker.”

Calaveras County District Attorney Barbara Yook did not immediately respond to a telephone message seeking comment.

I can tell you from personal knowledge this isn’t all that will come out at trial.


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