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FBI releases composite sketches in the Sheri Papini kidnapping case.

The FBI just released these sketches for the two women who allegedly kidnapped Sheri Papini while she was out on a run in Shasta County on November 2, 2016.  Ms. Papini was found weeks later bound to a post on the side of a road in Yolo County.

Ms. Papini was reported missing by her husband who tracked her cell phone to a location where her phone and the ear buds were neatly placed on the ground.  The cord for the buds was coiled up and stacked on the phone.

The presence of masks on the sketches of the two suspects certainly makes a positive identification more difficult, but if you have any information to share, please contact the authorities as instructed in the FBI release.

Papini_2017-10-25-10-47-01 (1)

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