The Fowler Murder Case is Returning to Calaveras County.

On February 22, 2018 a panel of judges for the 3rd California Appellate District issued and opinion that reversed the trial court conviction in the Leila Fowler murder case (see the earlier post for the details.)  At the point the State Attorney General’s office had 40 days to file a Petition for Review with the California State Supreme Court (commonly know as an appeal of the 3rd District’s decision.)  The deadline for electronically filing the Petition was 11:59 PM April 3rd.

That deadline passed last night without the AG’s office filing a Petition for review and now the case goes back to Calaveras County via a court order known as a Remittitur.

The Remittitur will be served on the Calaveras County Superior Court in 20 days, at which point the County District Attorney has to decided whether or not she wishes to retry the case.

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