Second Calaveras County Judge Finds Isiah Fowler Guilty.

June 27, 2018

Calaveras County Superior Court Judge Susan Harlan today said that she read all the transcripts and documents from the first trial as well as listened to audio files entered into evidence along with the testimony and exhibits from the new trial and then declared Isiah Fowler guilty of killing his younger sister.   Although she said that, she revealed that in fact she never looked at the evidence introduced earlier today while in chambers.

I will post more details about this case soon, but I feel that I do have to announce this very disheartening news first.  I know there are those who believe that Isiah is guilty.  In reading various on-line comments I realize that these people are ill- to uninformed.  That is to be expected.

I have worked with Isiah’s defense team for 5 years and believe wholeheartedly in his innocence.  There will be more to come on this subject.  For now I have to report what I consider to be bad news for the Fowler family and Isiah in particular.  I have read that justice has been done in Leila’s name.  Those people are wrong.  Justice will not be truly done until the unidentified male DNA found on one of Leila’s hair and located on her buttocks, beneath her underwear is matched to the person who deposited it on Leila.

This is not just any DNA.  The State crime lab was able to rule out the sample as coming from saliva because it was missing an enzyme found in that medium.  No, this DNA comes from blood or semen.  Whichever is the source, there is no explanation for it being there except that some male put it there and that male is not Isiah Fowler.


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One response to “Second Calaveras County Judge Finds Isiah Fowler Guilty.

  1. Caryl Wilson

    I thought the DNA had been identified as belonging to a related male, but not Isaiah’s. Is that correct?

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