Weiderrich/Gregor Murder Case Update

Weiderrich/Gregor Murder Case Update
The next hearing in trial of Kenneth Vanderford and Kevin Etherton for the stabbing murders in Lodi, CA of Dorothy Weiderrich and Alan Karl Gregor is scheduled for 1/14/19 at 1:30 PM.
A source has informed me that Vanderford was working or otherwise active in the San Andreas, CA area during 2013. If anyone knows anything about what Vanderford, who also went by the name of Bobby Eugene Presley, was doing at that time, please feel to contact me.


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15 responses to “Weiderrich/Gregor Murder Case Update

  1. Nicole

    My dear friend was briefly married to Kenneth Vanderford when he lived in Virginia. He pretended to be a good Christian man, but ended up leaving her bankrupt and disappearing without warning. My heart aches, but I’m so grateful that my friend wasn’t killed.

  2. Nicole

    She said that she never heard him use a different name. she met him at church. He was “honest” about his past prison stints, but appeared to have found God. I remember him sending her flowers while we were at work, etc. When I say he disappeared on her, I literally mean he just never came home from work one day. He finally called her to say he was with a girlfriend about an hour away, then he moved back to California. She had to divorce him in absentia. What happened with their court date on the 14th? I can’t find anything online about it.

    • I just looked up the current Hearing History and the result of the 1/14/19 hearing is that Pre-Trial and Readiness Hearings are set for 2/25/19 and a a Jury Trial date was set for 7/1/19.

      • Nicole

        I am still in complete shock. My worry is that a man doesn’t just wake up at 50 and become a killer. I wonder about his possible connection to other murders elsewhere. I had this man in my home, i had dinners with him, and we all went hiking together. I just can’t wrap my head aroudn this.

      • I am inclined to agree with you. Much of my investigation has to be confidential, but there is reason to believe he may have a string of activity. I hope that proper use of the CODIS data base will help tie him to any outstanding cases.

      • Nicole, have you ever been contacted by the Lodi PD? If they should contact me about talking with you, would you be willing to do that?

      • Nicole, I hope this gets to you. Please contact me.

      • Nicole

        I really don’t want to get involved. I don’t know anything more that what I told you. I imagine it is getting close to time for their trials. I hope justice is served.

      • I understand your reticence. Would you consider forwarding my email to your friend (jskpi2@aol.com) and she can decide if she wants to speak with the Lodi PD. It seems that they didn’t go as far back as possible in checking Vanderford’s background. Thank you for you contact to this point.

      • Nicole

        I will forward your email to her. I don’t know if she is going to be willing to speak or not. She is happily married and living in Florida, and it pains her to talk about Ken and that awful time. When does the trial begin?

      • Thank you very much. I think that is all the Lodi PD can ask.

      • There is a pretrial conference set for 7/19/19.

  3. Nicole

    Any updates? What ever happened in court in July? And can you please provide a link where i can keep up with court appearances?

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