A murder in San Jose shows how Fitbit can do more than track your steps.

Really nice article about a murder from a year ago in San Jose, CA.
The article by Lauren Smiley appears in Wired Magazine and tells the story of how data downloaded from a Fitbit worn by the victim, 67 year old Karen Navarra, led to the arrest of her 90 year old step father, Tony Aiello. Mr. Aiello died in county jail before the case came to trial.
The victim’s Fitbit, security camera footage from a neighbor’s house and blood on clothes found in Tony’s hamper led to his arrest. Tony’s wife believes he didn’t kill her daughter and the crime scene and Tony’s mental capacity seem to support her faith in him. Unidentified male DNA was found on a cigarette butt found at the scene as well. Now that Tony is dead, the case has been dismissed and the County has no incentive to search for the identity of the source of that DNA.

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