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  1. Heather Rose

    I am wondering if there are any updates in the Fowler case. It doesn’t seem right that a lone judge was able to decide his fate and so much seems questionable. Is the family appealing? I check in for updates but your site is the only one with information past the ruling.

    thank you-

    • Nothing new to report. We do know that the unidentified male DNA is part of the CODIS review protocol and we continue to hope that a match is found. The recent stabbing murders in Lodi and Castro Valley seemed to have a similar M. O. but thus far none have produced any matches to the Fowler case. At least no matches that we know of. The DNA review process is not really clear cut.

      Also, Isiah’s appeal was files several months ago and we are awaiting a ruling from the CA Appellate Court. That ruling is not expected for several more months.

      Thank you for your interest.

  2. Withheld

    So appreciate your update reports on Dorothy Wiederrich case. I didn’t know her except that I only lived a few doors from her.

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