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Visiting the Leila Fowler Crime Scene

In the company of Mark Reichel, the Defense Attorney for Isaiah Fowler, I spent Saturday in and around the crime scene of the Leila Fowler stabbing.  The community is not as isolated as one might think and the neighbors were glad the initial law enforcement and media frenzy has passed.  There were a few obvious instances of people driving past the house out of curiosity.

Inside the Fowler’s former residence it is quiet, but not gory.  The various law enforcement agencies ripped out furniture, carpets, plaster board from the walls and even the fireplace in the living room.  Any place where evidence might be hidden was opened up and left open.  The room where the killing took place is void of any personality because nothing but chemically treated blood stains remain on the wall.  Only when you begin to mentally recreate what happened in that room does a chill consume you.

However this case plays out, that feeling will never leave me.

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