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NY State Judge opens up the service of legal documents in the digital age.

A woman who was unable to serve her estranged husband with divorce papers because he did not maintain a fixed address was granted permission to serve the man via the only means of communication he maintained, Facebook.  The judge ruled that the woman must send the paperwork to her husband once a week via a Facebook messaging, for three consecutive weeks.

The details of the case can be found at this NY Daily News link.


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A relatively new option at Sacramento County Family Court

One of the negative byproducts of reduced budgets is that the waiting time to order records at the Sacramento County Court’s Family Law section is that you can easily wait three (3) hours to just to order a file.  If that file in in archives then you have to return in seven to eight working days and wait another three hours to get your hands on it. 

In order to reduce the waiting you can now order a case on-line at http://www.saccourt.ca.gov/family/records.aspx.

When you get to this page you can compare the case number for the file you want to order the list of files that are currently on the shelves.  For those of you who might be looking up cases at the on-line case index, the following cases numbers are not in archives.

Case numbers beginning with the following are located at the courthouse and do not have to be pre-ordered:

  • 11AD, 12AD, 13AD
  • 08FL, 09FL, 10FL, 11FL, 12FL, 13FL
  • 12DV, 13DV
  • 12CP, 13CP
  • 10FS, 11FS, 12FS, 13FS   

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