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Domestic Abuse Turns Fatal in Davis, CA

Just before 7:00 AM on October 20, 2018 Jaime Kinseth was fatally shot after forcing his way into the apartment of his former girlfriend Hayley Gilligan.  The apartment was located on F Street in Davis, CA.  Gilligan, who was getting ready to shower before her mother and sister arrived to join her for a trip to Disneyland answered a knock at the door of the apartment she moved into over the Labor Day weekend.

Gilligan thought the knock meant that her relatives had arrived early.  Gilligan opened the door and Kinseth forced his way into the apartment.  What happened then is not yet certain.

This firm has been retained by Mark Reichel, the attorney hired by the Gilligan family, to work on Haley’s defense.

Any friends or neighbors that might have anything to share about the relationship between Gilligan and Kinseth can contact me through this blog.

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